Fermentation and Storage

The Bocq brewery has 15 cylinder-conical tanks of 600 hl for fermentation - guard for a total capacity of 900,000 L. In these tanks, the yeast is introduced into the must. The fermentation lasts from 4 to 5 days. The yeast multiplies by four and the temperature gradually rises from 22 ° to 26 ° C. Wort sugars are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). At the end of the fermentation, the beer must be cooled to 4 ° C.

After fermentation, the yeast is recovered for subsequent fermentations and the excess is removed as a byproduct. The taste and aroma of the beer are formed, the wort has become beer, but a beer that is not yet accomplished. Beer called "green" still has to mature. To do this, it is then held in "custody tanks" where it will rest for several weeks at a temperature of 0 ° C. This guard allows to refine the taste of the beer and the formation of a complementary yeast deposit at the bottom of the tanks. At this temperature, a natural cloudiness will form.