The Racking

The bottling line has an hourly capacity of 22,000 bottles 25 cl or 33 or 8,000 75cl bottles. Empty bottles are extracted from the bins and fed to the washer where they are sterilized and cleaned of their old labels. The inspection machine then detects and removes any suspicious bottles (defects or impurities) of the production line. The filling level is constant in the filler.

After filling, the bottles are capped (for bottles 25 or 33cl) or corked (for 75cl bottles). The 75cl bottles go through the wiring machine where the wire cap is placed to prevent the ejection of the cap under the action of carbon dioxide.

The labels are then glued on the bottles and the expiry date, which serves as a traceability code, is printed. The bottles then return via the packer in the racks that have been previously washed. Everything is automatically palletized.